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Trusted Tablets is a pharmacy with a wide range, reasonable prices and a high level of service. There are the latest achievements in modern medicine in our pharmacy. The main direction of this service now is drugs used for the treatment of men’s health, women’s health, hepatitis, oncological, hematological and other serious diseases. There are also antibiotics, allergic drugs, pain relief medications. There are also herbal supplements produced by well-known Indian pharmaceutical companies.

For many years, our company provides a full range of pharmacy services and only high-quality medications.

Our team of professionals is always ready to help you. With us, you can not only consult on the availability of medications but also leave a request for new medicines that are not yet available for sale.Trusted Tablets_ Your Number One Online Service with Generic Meds

Thanks to the introduction of advanced technologies of the pharmacy business, our pharmacy is competitive and, most importantly, oriented to every customer. We work with the largest wholesale suppliers, especially in India. All drugs and parapharmaceutical options are purchased only from official distributors as direct deliveries from suppliers exclude the possibility of the appearance of falsified products. All delivered products are certified, have a registration, the deadlines for implementation and storage conditions of medications are strictly observed.

The main principles of our network of pharmacies are professionalism, reliability, quality assurance of medications, polite and fast service.

Do you charge an extra fee?

We do not charge an extra fee. You book order at pharmacy prices and pay exactly the amount that was specified during the ordering process. Moreover, the purchase of certain drugs through the service saves money, since we provide special low prices selling generics.

Low prices

The main advantage of our online store, which is noted by our clients, is low prices, which play an important role for people, especially those who take long courses of treatment. Due to the wide development of the pharmacy chain, part of the largest concern, our pharmacy has a large turnover, which guarantees substantial discounts from manufacturers of medicines, and we, in turn, can offer the most profitable prices to its customers.

Our company always hold promotions for popular products, which makes the purchase even more profitable and save over 50%.

Wide product range

Our pharmacy is characterized by a wide range of products. Our store is a way to find more than 300 items, including rare medications that are difficult to find in other pharmacies. You can always get acquainted with the range of our products on the website and order the necessary positions from the online catalog.


Generic Viagra is the most famous drug for treating erectile dysfunction. Thanks to its use, men get rid of problems with erectile function and return to normal sexual life. The main active ingredient of the drug is sildenafil. It significantly improves blood supply to the pelvic vessels and the penis. Viagra does not affect reproduction and is effective only in conditions of sexual excitement.  It is released in the form of tablets. The available dosages: 25, 50, 100 mg.

Generic Cialis is the latest FDA-approved erectile dysfunction treatment in men. Its effect develops within 40-80 minutes but lasts about 36 hours, which makes it possible for a long time to be ready for sexual intercourse. It can be used together with fatty foods and alcohol, which does not influence its effectiveness. The maximum dose per day is 20 mg. It is not recommended to use Cialis more than 20mg per day. The drug is not released to persons under the age of majority.

Generic Levitra is a drug able to improve poor male erectile function. It contains vardenafil as the main component. It increases the blood flow to the penis. This drug is devoted to stimulating erection sufficient for conducting sexual intercourse. It is released in the form of tablets in the dosages of 5, 10, 20 mg. The drug is prescribed for intake 30-40 minutes prior to the planned sexual intercourse. Sexual stimulation is required otherwise there won’t be any effect.

Ventolin prevents and relieves bronchospasm, reduces resistance in the airways, increases lung capacity. It prevents the release of histamine, a slow-reacting mast cell substance and neutrophil chemotactic factors. Compared with other drugs of this group, it has a less pronounced positive chrono-and inotropic effect on the myocardium. It causes the expansion of the coronary arteries, almost does not reduce blood pressure. It has a tocolytic effect, lowering the tone and contractile activity of the myometrium. First of all, it is prescribed for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatment. It may also be used a part of combined therapy.

Female Viagra is a drug which effect is aimed at increasing sensitivity, sexual excitability and extending satisfaction. Scientists have created this means specifically for women, and foreign pharmaceutical companies have mastered its production. The effectiveness of female Viagra is achieved due to the following types of effects: increased blood circulation in the genitals, an increase in the level of sex hormones, including testosterone, which is responsible for sexual excitability. It provides a greater intensity of blood flow in the external genitals during their sexual stimulation, as a result of which their sensitivity magnifies considerably. It helps women maintain sexual function who have undergone hysterectomy or enter menopause age.

High quality

All products offered in Trusted Tablets are purchased directly from the official manufacturer, which eliminates the entry of substandard products on the shelves. The pharmacy has its warehouses with modern refrigeration units and storage systems, specialized motor transport specially equipped for the transportation of medications. There is strict control over the shelf life of drugs.

All this ensures that by purchasing products in our pharmacy, you get only top-quality products.


Modern software installed in each pharmacy allows pharmacists in a short time to get access to information about the availability of medications.

The pharmacy has its own training center, in which employees constantly improve their professional degree. In Pharmacy, everything was done to ensure that the client was satisfied with the quality of the services provided and will return again.

How to make an order?

On the website of the online pharmacy, you can make an order and be delivered your parcel at a convenient time stated in the shopping cart. It is very convenient to make an order online. The instruction for use looks in the following way:

  • select a product. You can use our convenient search or catalog of products. If you have any difficulties with the choice of goods, you can always contact our customer care department.
  • put it into a shopping cart. Choose the right product and click “Add to cart” to transfer the product to the cart for further operation. You can continue to select other items of interest or place an order by going to the cart.
  • grapple with all the details and proceed to checkout.
  • when checking out you are required to enter all the personal data necessary for completing an order.
  • submit an order and your order will be processed within 24 hours. After that, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail with the order details. The second email will be sent when your order is dispensed from our office.

Finally, we claim we will take all the efforts to provide our customers with the most outstanding online service. We are ready to offer discounts and other attractive promotions because we strive to make shopping online much more affordable. You are welcome to read this information and ask your questions.

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